Where's the Hope in Christmas Chaos?

Christmas sermon series: God enters our world of chaos just as He did that first Christmas!

SERMON SERIES: Where's the Hope in Christmas Chaos?

Have you ever thought about the chaos surrounding Jesus’ birth? That first Christmas wasn’t sweet or simple; it was dangerous and difficult! It was filled with the chaos of disappointment, displacement, discomfort, disruption, danger, disillusionment and doubt.

The hope of Christmas, then and now? 

Character is created in chaos. Possibilities are present in problems.

Why’s are turned to wonder as we gaze into the eyes of our Savior.

God continues to enter our chaos.

Are we willing to let Him bring us hope and healing?

Week 1 - The Chaos of Disappointment


Where do you find hope in the chaos of DISAPPOINTMENT?


Disappointments are opportunities to WORSHIP.


Disappointments are opportunities to TRUST.


Our progress is only progress if it fulfills God’s PURPOSE and turns our attention toward Him.


Disappointments are opportunities to ENCOURAGE others.


Disappointments aren’t setbacks; they are TOOLS God can use.


When we submit our disappointments to God, we can use them as FUEL instead of FAILURE.

December 1, 2019 - Luke 1:26-45 and Matthew 1:18-25

Week 2 - The Chaos of Displacement


More than anything displaced people want to be a PLACED people.

The plot of Christmas is to bring us BACK to God.


Scripture calls us “TEMPORARY RESIDENTS AND FOREIGNERS” in this world.

God can use your displacement for His GLORY!


God moves the most when you’re outside your COMFORT ZONE!

God has a JOURNEY for you: from your place of COMFORT to the CENTER OF HIS WILL.



Our hope in the chaos of displacement

·      Recognize that HEAVEN is your real home.

·      Look for what God is doing BEHIND THE SCENES

·      Ask God to show you ways to live a life of EXAMPLE and INFLUENCE others.

·      Remember, the journey is the way to God’s PROMISE.

·      Travel with the expectation that God goes WITH you and He will PREPARE your way.


Decermber 8, 2019 - Luke 2:1-5, Is 40:1-5, 1 Peter 2:11-12