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The God Who Creates!

Fall 2021 Sermon Series... God's grace has been at work from the very beginning!

The God Who Creates!

We’re going back to the BEGINNING to discover that God’s grace has been at work since the earliest stories of the Bible!

This sermon series will explore what happened “in the beginning...”

as God laid the foundation of the earth

and then established a path for the redemption of His people

through His covenant with Abraham.


Week 7 (10/31/21) When Your World Spins

Scriptures: Genesis 50:15-21, Romans 8:28, Colossians 3:13-14

Sermon Notes:

It took 22 years for Joseph’s cry to go from his brothers’ eardrums to their hearts!

1. We should not expect a life without adversity.

2. God will use even the sinful actions of others for His good purposes.

3. Biblical forgiveness:

  • doesn’t minimize sin
  • isn’t the same as reconciliation
  • flows from God’s forgiveness toward us
  • trusts God to judge righteously and punish appropriately
  • brings freedom to those who practice it!

4. Our confidence in God’s providence enables us to forgive others.

Week 6 (10/24/21) Wrestling with God

Scriptures: Genesis 32-33 2 Corinthians 5:17

Sermon Notes:

Self sufficiency is counterproductive to the development of faith.

1. Moments of crisis draw us to God.

2. God uses crisis to reveal our character.

3. God redeems our struggle for His glory and our good.

4. We must let go of self to acknowledge Jesus as Savior.

Week 5 (10/17/21) An Unexpected Twist!

Week 4 (10/10/21) Would You Pass the Test?

Scripture: Genesis 22:1-14, 1 John 4:9-10



God in his grace provides a way through sacrifice that we are spared and saved.


We can pass tests of faith when we believe God provides.


God is the God whose holy righteousness  

    demands the sacrifice for sin.

God is the God whose steadfast love

    provides the sacrifice demanded.


The God who demands the sacrifice became the sacrifice, so you and I can belong to the Father.


God’s will for you will never contradict God’s promise.

·      Faith doesn’t demand explanations.

·      Faith depends on God’s provision.


Abraham’s knife was drawn back at the

last second;

On the cross, God’s knife went all the way.

Week 3 (10/3/21) Are You a Sponge or a Hose?

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-7, Hebrews 11:8-16, Romans 4:18-25


God requires faith from His people.

·      True faith is based on the Word of God.

·      True faith leads to obedience.


God blesses His people.

·      God did not give Abraham reasons or explanations; He simply gave him promises.


God’s people are called to be conduits of His blessings.

·      God blesses us that we might be a blessing to others.

·      His great concern is that the whole world might be blessed.

·      The Great Commission Jesus gave the church began with Abraham. We are blessed that we might be a blessing.

Week 2 (9/26/21) The Original Trust Fall!

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 3:1-15, Romans 5:18-19


The root of sin has nothing to do with willpower; it is a failure to trust the word and character of God.

The effect of sin is brokenness.

Because we are broken, we live in bondage to fear and shame.

The solution to sin has always and forever been Jesus.


Here's 2 additional videos that go with this sermon!

  • What does it mean to be created in the image of God?
  • What is sin?

Week 1 (9/19/21) From Beginning to End!

SCRIPTURE: John 1:1-5, 10-14


Jesus is the center of God’s redemptive story from beginning to end.

  • Jesus is the eternal Son.
  • Jesus is the sustaining Savior.
  • Jesus is the now and future king.

Bowing to His Sovereignty will always require sacrifice and be inconvenient.

Can you see the planet Saturn in this image? Try it! Print this picture and follow the directions in the sermon!