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Renovation Photos

BEFORE AND AFTER... our journey to reach a contemporary world!

For 246 years, Middle has been the gathering place for the people of God to worship, serve and fellowship together. But to reach people in a changing world, revitalization was necessary. During January and February 2018, our sanctuary was transformed into a multi-purpose worship center and our annex became the MidKids Children's Area and Crossroads Cafe. Not only did the buildings change... so did hearts. See our renovation and join us on the journey to share the love of Jesus Christ that changes hearts and lives!

From Sanctuary... to multipurpose worship center!

Before the renovation...
A fresh coat of paint!
Pews gone... we kept one as a reminder of our past...
Palm Sunday!
Ready to worship on Easter... with tables and chairs!
Mother's Day breakfast prior to worship
Good Friday prayer path in our multipurpose worship center!

From Annex... to MidKids area, nursery and crossroads cafe!

1960's Annex... before the renovation!
What will become the new cafe area and nursery...
1960's kitchen countertops... orange!
Construction begins!
A new wall to create a nursery
New handicap accesssible bathroom!
Our brand new nursery... ready for your little one!
New life transforms old brick and our lives!
The children's favorite part of the mural!
New MidKids Children's Area
Flexibility for different programs!
Crossroad Cafe Area
Ready to serve you...Come and enjoy!
A reminder of our vision as you enter the worship area!

Not just facility renovations... heart renovations as well. We're ready for you!