Age-appropriate classes for Preschool thru Jr. High @ 9AM!

The Life of Jesus: Hands-on Children's Curriculum

Check out our Children's Sunday School Curriculum

Our Sunday School curriculum is designed to take your child from knowing about God to knowing God!

Dig In: To the Life of Jesus provides the opportunity for children to walk in Jesus' footsteps from birth to resurrection to ascension. Children will discover that Jesus is a real person—a real friend—who makes a difference in their lives today.

We use GROUP curriculum because it is intentionally designed to create a social, emotional, and spiritual environment that prepares hearts and minds for God to work... It's active learning: experiential, multi sensory and interpersonal... to immerse kids in learning!


  • Large group lesson opener: music, video lesson introduction
  • Small group, age specific classroom activities: games, object lessons, crafts, bible exploration
  • Parent Take-Home Sheets: so we can partner with you at home

All of our MidKids volunteers and staff have been background checked and trained for safety.


Immersing teens in who matters most: JESUS! Check out our Jr. High curriculum!
  • STUDENT LED DISCOVERY VS LECTURE - teens able to share difficulties and ask questions to strengthen their faith and develop personal beliefs that can stand up to pressure!
  • KNOWING JESUS VS KNOWING ABOUT JESUS - teens build a relationship with Jesus and are able to see Jesus as a friend and not a distant authority to obey!
  • SMALL GROUP BASED VS LARGE GROUP PRODUCTION - teens get to know each other and practice discipleship together!