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Life Together in Christ on the Road to Emmaus

Sermon Series: What transforming Christian community looks like... and creating space for it!

Life Together in Christ... On the Road to Emmaus

Week 1: Between the Now and the Not Yet...

Week 2 - Welcome and Listen!

Guidelines for Listening Like Jesus


  • Don’t interrupt!


  • Refrain from using phrases such as “Oh, that’s good” or “How terrible!” Those are responses that merely communicate how we feel about what someone is sharing, rather than giving them the opportunity to describe in depth how they are actually feeling.


  • Wait on what the Spirit desires to reveal rather than rushing in with your own thoughts and interpretations.


  • Ask questions that help the other person dig deeper to connect their feelings with their faith!

Use questions like “What was that like for you?”

“How did you experience God (or not) in the midst of that experience?”

“What happens when you pray about that?”

“What questions does that raise for you?”

This encourages the person to discover God’s presence and trust God’s purposes in all aspects of life (and they themselves have to discover it; we cannot force this kind of insight on them);


  • Invite the person to think about how they can participate in God’s redemptive purposes for the world: to have a greater connection with what God is doing in the world, a clearer sense of one’s place in it, and a generous response to God’s calling according to the gifts one has been given.


Life together in Christ, shifts our focus to digging deep into our own faith so we can begin to have natural, gospel conversations with those all around us.

Week 3 - But We Had Hoped...

Our deepest hopes and desires are powerful!

"What do you want me to do for you?" is the question Jesus asked most frequently.

What are the longings and desires that God has put in us... that He longs to meet?

Is there something Jesus is inviting you to do in order to live into hope found only in Him?

LIFE TOGETHER IN CHRIST - ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS is: Waiting on Jesus. Together. For each other.

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Week 4 - Pain on the Journey

Week 5 - Burning Hearts and Open Mouths