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Keeping your child safe at Middle!

MidKids Covid-19 Procedures

Drop off/Pickup

To reduce contact with surfaces, children will not wear name lanyards in the MidKids area. A health check and temperature scan will be required to admit a child into the MidKids area. Photo identification will be used to return children to their parents upon pick-up. Parents will be asked to remain outside of the MidKids area.

Physical Distancing

Children will be seated in sibling groups. These groups will be spread 6 ft. apart. When out of seats during games and activities, children will keep socially distanced. For now, we will avoid hugs and handshakes.


Children will wear masks while in the MidKids area. Masks may be removed during outside activities, maintaining social distancing. It is recommended that children under the age of 2 should not wear a mask.

NOTE: MidKids volunteers will be wearing masks at all times while in the MidKids area.


Children will use sanitizer upon entering the MidKids area and be reminded to cover coughs and sneezes. When using the restroom, children will be required to wash hands thoroughly and wipe sink and door handles with disinfectant wipes. Volunteers will wear gloves when needed.

Stay Home if Sick

Anyone entering the MidKids area will receive a temperature check (must be below 100.4 degrees) and be asked about their health. If a child or anyone in a child’s household is experiencing flu-like symptoms or shortness of breath, that child should remain at home. If a child experiences any symptoms while in the MidKids area, a team member will notify the parent to pick up the child.


Surfaces in the MidKids area will be cleaned between sessions. Tables, chairs, and floors will be disinfected. Each sibling group will receive a box containing a set of supplies (scissors, markers, etc.) to be kept at their seat for their use only to avoid cross contamination. Any other items touched during a MidKids activity (ball, hula hoop, etc...) will be removed after use and put aside to be sanitized. Items will not be permitted to be passed between children of different households during games or activities.

Note: These plans are subject to change based on updated Covid-19 information and guidelines. Government mandates shall supersede any of these procedures for MidKids Ministry.