The Power of the Holy Spirit Sermon Series

Better - Stronger - Greater: The Power of the Holy Spirit for Us!



SCRIPTURES: Acts 2:1-41, John 14-16, Ez. 36:26-27


The Holy Spirit inside you will be better than Jesus beside you.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are a package deal.


North Compass point = New Life

South Compass point = Sanctifies

East Compass Point = Empowers

West Compass Point = "WE"


1. The primary work of the Holy Spirit is giving us faith in Jesus Christ.

2. The Holy Spirit is the supernatural source of power  that makes us stronger and more mature in

    our faith.

3. The Holy Spirit has a greater work  for us to do. He empowers to share Jesus and serve others.

4. The Holy Spirit grows the Church, and unites us in love.    


You can only be filled to the degree by which you are willing to be emptied of yourself!


June 9, 2019