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On-Site Worship Info and Procedures!

Everything you need to know about on-site worship!

Welcome back to on-site worship at Middle Church!

Dear Middle Church Family and Friends,


We've returned to on-site worship and will continue to live stream to our YouTube channel.

  • Everything we are doing is based on “loving one another” and caring for the “least of these.” We desire to remove any possible barriers to someone’s ability to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ by making our worship center as safe as possible.
  • Pray about whether or not this is the right time for you to return: Persons with compromised immune systems, in any at-risk category, or simply not ready to return to the building are encouraged to stay home and continue watching online. If you feel sick, have a fever, cough, or other symptoms, please stay home. We look forward to seeing you when you do return.
  • Masks and Social Distancing: Masks will be required for everyone older than 2 years, unless you have a medical condition that would preclude wearing one. Jesus taught us to “love one another.” Wearing a mask is one way we can show Christ’s love to others. (If you don’t have a mask, we will provide you with a disposable one.) Please social distance as you enter the building and leave. You will be seated as a family, social distanced from others. There will be no MidKids worship or nursery at this time. Pastor Linda and the Praise Team will mask, except for when they are speaking or singing on stage.
  • Arrival and Departure: Please refrain from arriving more than 15 minutes prior to worship. Our hospitality team will greet you at the Café door and usher you to your seat in the worship center. When the worship service is over, weather permitting, ushers will utilize the back and side doors for you to exit.
  • Touchless Worship Service: Doors will be held open for you. No Crossroads Café services. There will be no paper handouts, bulletins, Bibles. (This is a great opportunity to get in the habit of bringing your own Bible to take notes in. I love reading some of the notes I have taken in my Bible over the years.) We won’t pass offering plates and recommend online giving through our website. You can also mail in your tithes and offerings. We will have an offering basket at each door when you exit. Contact-free hand sanitizer wall stations should be installed by July 12. We have hand-sanitizer available on tables until then.
  • We will have music during the worship service. Congregational singing will be at the end of the service to minimize any potential virus spread.
  • There will be access to restrooms. But, please use your facilities at home, so our usage is limited. Parents must accompany their children to the restroom to insure proper hygiene procedures. We will have sanitizing wipes available for you to use to wipe door handles upon entering and exiting each restroom.


In Christ,

Pastor Linda (Session and Staff)