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20/20 Vision

A vision casting sermon to start the new year with 20/20 vision!

20/20 Vision

(In the sermon, Pastor Linda will refer to 2 envelopes. The smaller envelope, which will be opened first, contains 5 pieces of torn construction paper shapes. The larger envelope contains a large sheet of construction paper with a shape torn out of it. One of the shapes in the small envelope fits into the hole in the paper.)


The heart of the Gospel is that LOST people matter to God, so they must matter to US.

We all have a GOD shaped hole in our soul... A hole that only JESUS can fill.

MISSION is what you do. VISION is what you look like when you are doing it!

Our 20/20 vision must begin with prayer and worship.

WORSHIP: We can't OUTGIVE God, who GAVE His life for us!

CONNECT: We can't do life ALONE. We were created for COMMUNITY.

GROW: People walking with Jesus CHANGE.

SERVE: SAVED people, SERVE people.

SHARE: Because FOUND people, FIND people.

January 26,2020 Matthew 28:18-20